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Feb 15 2013

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Dukes Domagoj and Zdeslav


Following the death of Trpimir, Domagoj, a member of another noble family, sits on the throne. Domagoj's reign was marked by fights against the Saracens, which made him famous in the Christian world, and after an attempt by Basil to appoint Zdeslav to the Croatian throne, Domagoj starts a war against Byzantium, more specifically against Venice. Nevertheless, after Domagoj's death, Zdeslav managed to rule Croatia for a short period, eventually having gotten killed after only a year on the throne.

Feb 08 2013

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The Age of Duke Trpimir


In the middle of the 9th century Frankish and Byzantine Empire are going through a period of crisis and internal conflicts which allowed the rulers of nearby countries under their influence to take steps towards higher degree of independence. With help of Roman Catholic Church, this weakness of regional medieval superpowers made it possible for the Croatian duke Trpimir to utilized them for straightening his own ruling over the lands he was in charge in. More about Trpimir and his reign is presented in lines that follows, which are part of series: The Trpimirović Dynasty of Croatian Rulers.

Feb 06 2013

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From the Arrival and Settling of Croats to Trpimir Ascending to the Throne


Croatian ruling dynasty of Trpimirović beside short periods of time when they were not in power, governed Croatia and impacted the lives of its occupants for more then a quarter of a millennium.