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Feb 14 2013

Categories: Art of different countries

Icons and Iconoclasm


The worship of icons in the Byzantine empire was so largely developed and widespread, that it influenced on local customs that much differred from the Western ones. By the beginning of the 8th century it has taken unimaginable proportions, leading to open inner struggles, known as iconoclasm.

Oct 15 2010

Categories: Sculpture

Bronze doors on churches of Xth and XIth century


During the XIth and XIIth century many cathedrals and churches in Europe are equiped with doors made in bronze. Most of them were built in Byzantium, and were later imported in the West. A great number of them was preserved in Italy. The novelty are the doors from Hildesheim, molten in a single piece, using the lost wax method, also featuring a figural decoration.

Apr 11 2010

Categories: Painting

Dance of Death


 (French: Danse macabre, German: Totentanz)
After deadly epidemics that had slain most of Europe's population, the medieval man starts to think about the imminence of death and how short life really is. People are becoming aware of her presence, so they are portraiting her, more and more often, through different themes. One of those iconographic themes is the Dance of death, with which we will introduce to you in this article.

Mar 13 2010

Categories: Painting

Ambrogio Lorenzetti: Good and Bad Government in Palazzo Pubblico, Siena


One of the most interesting fresco cycles of the late Middle Ages was painted in the Town Hall of city of Siena. It stands out with its theme representing good and bad city government.